Brexit: Is it time for Britain to Walk Away?

September 27, 2017 Europe , Opinion , OPINION/NEWS , POLITICS , UK

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Hazel Speed


President of the European Council Donald Tusk has stated that insufficient progress has, as yet, been achieved in the negotiations with the UK regarding initial requirements before things can move on to the next stage, though Theresa May has conceded a lot more than the average Leave voter had thought they were voting for.

The irony and paradox in this whole Pandora’s political box, is that Leave voters were told by the Remainers:


They did not know what they were voting for, despite voters confirming, on camera a number of times, that they did; and yet, the Remainers and their Political Parties assumed the people did not vote for hardship, so would want a transitionary period.


They remark on all this without saying there should be a vote ‘just’ on those issues, yet they want a re-run of the Brexit vote itself knowing that the Corbyn Rock Star Fan Club would probably win that collective demographic.

Older voters, and those not online, would no doubt lose the vote, especially given the fact some will have died since the original Referendum and younger teenagers will now be eligible to vote.

There is an irony too that Ms Miller‘s Supreme Court Case delayed the whole process of Brexit, and nobody has been able to return to Court to challenge delays of electoral promises, starting with an unfulfilled commitment given by Mr Cameron and the turn-coating of the Labour Party from supportive stance and vote to assist the Government in Parliament to that of an opposite voice.

Added to that, all the delays and the disgruntled input of devolved UK nations (with the exception of their Cinderella sibling England, who still seeks the same rights), means the loud voices of discontent are brow-beaters to overturn the original vote.


The Government has not acted swiftly enough to back the democratic vote (whatever it was), and one wonders if they can be taken to Court for not enacting the free democratic vote of the people.

We hear of marches by Remainers and soon it will be the Leave voters who will make their views known.

They refer to the current youth of today as the Z Generation. It is not kind to outline herein what the media say is the current view about them as a collective group, but I will say one thing.

When I was their age and voted in 1972 when Britain voted to join Europe, the next day we all forgot about it (whether we won or lost) and got on with our lives.  That is mature democracy.

There would have been disdain on anyone of any age back then if they did not have maturity to accept the outcome in such matters.


Quite a lot of Leave voters think Mrs May should walk away from Europe now and not ‘wash her hands’ hoping someone else will deal with things come the next election.

Britain needs a Winston Churchill at this time not a Chamberlain.

The Commonwealth, and many other international countries, are lining up to do trade deals with Britain which could surpass any with Europe.

Thinking about the Canadian deal with the EU, there are even some who wish The Queen, as Head of the Commonwealth, could turn the tables on Europe and tell them they are not allowed to trade with Canada under Commonwealth rules.  That is a nice thought, I must admit.

Europe’s imperialism is not for Great Britain, the world should be free, hence the World Trade Rules.





Hazel Speed

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