October 2, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Catherine Rauchenberger Conley




Justice Unbound



Tired of hearing both sides

And of being always in the dark,

Justice has removed her blindfold.

She no longer listens to the facts;

But instead, looks

At the color of your skin,

Your age and gender,

Your religion and what you wear,

And makes her decision.

Putting down those burdensome scales that

Tip too easily away from what she sees,

She wields her sword with both hands.








Near record heat is

Forecasted for

The second full day

Of autumn,

Sunshine and warmth,

Green leaves mixing with

Red and yellow,

The beginning of fall’s beauty,

But the beauty

Of the warm days and

Cool nights is blighted

By the devastation

Around the world

From hurricanes, earthquakes, and wild fires

While the Powers That Be

Call each other names

And threaten disaster

Even worse than

What Mother Nature

Has come up with.






Catherine Rauchenberger Conley

Catherine Rauchenberger Conley is a poet, writer, crafter, and high school English teacher. She lives in Queens, New York with her husband and cat. The former supports her writing interests; the latter steals her pens. More of her writing can be found at crcreateaday.wordpress.com or follow her on Twitter @CatherineConl18 or Instagram @alycatcreations1.

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