October 3, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Olabusayo Ajayi




Dad Saying



when a raven sat in our house

I was little

Dad say I should be like them

here, if you wish to be free

disperse your plight

and though your liberty comes with shrill

see every morning as a gift that must be taken

as charming as everything is, everything is real

every heartbreak, every sigh, every faze

has dosage and impelling pills that heal

and if you’re here I am today

plant a prismatic tree on my grey


Now a raven sat in our house

I’m settled

Dad say I should be like them

save apologies in your wardrobe

you’ll need to get the green card when the room is red

reeve yourself in needle – become rope

become radiation, let the children come like dew

arrange ecstasy in steep slope

write letters to your younger-and-old-self

make your coming horse clop

crack a dry joke with the girl

if she didn’t giggle come to hell








I remember

I gave myself away


One bird nest beside my pane

listing song of various raptus

Five years I watch. It never sleep

never frost, only shed its wing

drop its shrink feathers

when storms rage through the cove

search for picks and back…


What is flesh,

but a conserve ruby

cuts of affection leave scars

that throb in the reservoir,

stores memories in bone

where secrets are cover…


No waves, takes the bird

Bird knew what heaven has in store


it flies across the yard

perhaps dispersing plight…






Olabusayo Ajayi

Olabusayo is a growing poet. Apart from poetry he draws, paints, he’s temporally all-round-art; he believes the creation of the world is artistry and art is life. He writes from Lagos in the heart of Ajegunle, Nigeria.

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