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Adam Levon Brown







The bloomed rose tip of my

black umbrella


Nods raindrops off of its

dampened nose


Sky high and tail-diving

through puddles of grief


Secular in its oddity,

Flippity floppity Broom-scratched

edge falls to the door handle



Premonitions of holy

gravel succulent in

their endeavors to

unearth beatitude


Frenetic earthquake

resounds inside double

helix out of bounds


Cells will always lose

their place in the humble

jumble of sound









Poe, the drunkard

Poe, the writer

Poe, the mystic?


What did your eye-mind see that others did not?

What was your gift that others didn’t have?

How did you calculate with such depth, the infinite?


Poe, the philosopher

Poe, the nucleus who could see outside of its cell

Poe, will we meet one day?


What did you see in your phantasm dreamscape?

Were you simply tired of seeing this world?

Did you ascend to a higher level?


Poe, the magnificent

Poe, the dreamer

Poe, my friend.






Adam Levon Brown

Adam Levon Brown is a published author, poet, amateur photographer, and cat lover. He is owner of Madness Muse Press; a micro-press that publishes dark poetry, and a book reviewer for Five 2 One Magazine. He has been published in dozens of venues, including Burningword Literary Journal and Yellow Chair Review. Adam can be contacted via his website where he offers free poetry resources.

Adam Levon Brown burst through the door of contemporary poetry in early 2015 after being diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder. He used writing as a tool for catharsis and eventually started submitting his poems to journals and magazines. Now an established poet with dozens of publications, a fiction novella, and two full collections of poetry out, he plans to take the poetry world by storm.

Adam has one chapbook out titled, “These Streets Don’t Cry For Us” which can be found on Amazon. He attends Lane Community College and will soon attend the University of Oregon as an English Major/Creative Writing Minor.

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