Art: Alycia Vreeland

October 6, 2017 ART/PHOTOGRAPHY


Alycia Vreeland
























Alycia Vreeland

Alycia Vreeland is a Santa Barbara based artist. She works out of her home studio creating original works in many mediums from acrylic to watercolor.  Alycia has created many characters for illustration. Her images have been featured in publications on J & A Publishing. The artist is the creator of Didi Rock’s Greeting Cards (Pen and ink and watercolor) sold in boutique shops across the country. Harnessing over a hundred images of Didi Rock’s celebrating young spirited women on the go! Baby Darlin’ is her latest creation, featuring cartoon illustrations of Vreeland as a child in various cathartic motifs. In addition to creating her expressionistic styles works of art, Vreeland is a private Art Instructor! Vreeland often collaborates on various projects with her husband, writer Jon Vreeland.

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