October 9, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Alejandro Escudé




Hell Unseen Through a Peep Hole



Hot after eating our better halves


who surrendered to bullets that came


like piglets sniffing at knee caps


—oink, oink, oink went the bullets


in the skies. Pairs of cowboy boots


and trucker hats turned to angels,


thick hinges like wings busted open,


hell unseen through a peep hole


like a raging forest fire, long guns


like thin, black crocodiles wading


in a purple pond. Pistons of death!


Hoses of pain! God’s will? The man


knew his guns: how well they obeyed


that night, feud-eons pouring forth


from a gold tower, the Vegas sky


a dog asleep, a sonic graveyard,


a country sheared off the country.






Alejandro Escudé

Alejandro Escudé

Alejandro Escudé’s first book of poems, My Earthbound Eye, was published in September 2013. He holds a master’s degree in creative writing from UC Davis and teaches English. Originally from Argentina, Alejandro lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two children.

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