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Olubela Murewa




A letter to Kanu



Like that naïve boy

Who wrote to Hitler

So I write to you,

Dear Kanu

Keep your head low

Like the threatened reptile

Because this zoo cannot miss

You cannot miss

The hot metal stones

Nor the newly imported bears

And the head blowing projectiles

So keep your head low

Like the threatened snake

Because even if you miss

You cannot miss

The fiery darts

Of the brethren, salaams

The shamans and the Aladura.





A tribute to Kanu



From this side of eternity

Where blood of men pin badges

Where the crossbar travel of souls

Raise ranks,

From here, I bring you great salute

For your sacrifices

Of your brothers’ souls in the

Cultivation of a spirit never existed

So just as

Battle guns crack up in black laughter

And bleeding flesh blow in

Rupturing hysteria

So do I laugh at the void of men

United in that spirit

That’ll never exist

So everywhere would be blank to

Our joy.





Falling Sun



Yet Again,

The sun rips in half

Its broken side falls from the sky

Into the

Crash crush crunch

Of many souls.






Olubela Murewa

Olubela Murewa is a young Nigerian writer and poet. He was born on 22nd December, 2000 in Ago Iwoye, Ogun State, Nigeria. His works, which span across poems, short stories and essays, have appeared in various magazines including Pencillite and Writertain. He blogs at www.kingshakablog.wordpress.com.

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  1. Abimbola October 18, at 13:19

    Wow! This should really get to Nnamdi Kanu.


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