India’s Ayodhya gains recognition from BJP

October 19, 2017 Asia , India , Opinion , OPINION/NEWS


Ratnesh Dwivedi


Ayodhya, October 19, Deepawali (Diwali). The small pilgrim town of Ayodhya, under two BJP governments in India, yesterday gained some recognition when the Chief Minister of State of Uttar Pradesh organized a world record Deepawali (Festival of Lights) by lighting 17,7000 Diyas (earthern lamps) on the banks of the Holy and mighty river Saryu.


The show was accompanied by a laser art show of Ram Leela (The Life Cycle of Lord Rama). The town Ayodhya, cited in History as the birthplace of Lord Rama, has been in the news for a Ram temple/ Babri Mosque dispute for close to 7 decades and is also famous for hosting approximately 3,000 temples in an area of a mere 5 square kilometres.


This year when the center government, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, was busy sorting out many national and international issues, the state government of Uttar Pradesh led by a noted monk (now Chief Minister) of Gorakshpeeth planned to give a boost to residents of this small pilgrim town by celebrating the never seen Deepawali on the banks of the Saryu on the South of which Ayodhya stands.


While talking to local residents they expressed their happiness that at last a government has given some attention to the town which gave two BJP governments.


Not only was this celebration witnessed by locals, but from people outside India accompanied through many developmental schemes.


Many believe that it may be seen as a precursor to the exercise of building a glorious Ram Temple in Ayodhya and setting up the tallest Statue of Lord Ram on the banks of Saryu.





Ratnesh Dwivedi

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