October 25, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Ashi Kalim




I Do Bleed



I do bleed

But I don’t plead!

I work

In markets

And in fields

In colleges

And at home

I am a fighter

For I see

Blood comes

Every month


When your veins cut

You gain laurels

Of being a Man

You are awarded



What about me mom?

Ain’t I a warrior every month?

I brave all offenses

But don’t I have right to hygiene

My womb bleeds

And gives birth to you



Salute me

And yes

I do bleed

And I don’t plead







Ashi Kalim

ASHI KALIM is a homemaker, avid traveller and an explorer. She is a novelist, poetess and a content writer at www.allaboutlives.com

She is a writer of HISTORICAL FICTION. Her recent Novel is titled “The Day Before…I Died.” MATRYOSHKA in East, Internationally. It’s a lesser know true love story of DICTATOR JOSEPH STALIN’S DAUGHTER.

Her poetry has already been published in Writing Bee and Elysian Literary Journal. Her poems find their space too on an international level. She keeps writing for world peace, the need of the hour. She is an orator and an activist too.

She speaks her mind through her pen and participation in various social causes. Her leisure time is spent with books, sketching, her kids and plants.

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