October 25, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Abdulrazak Iliyasu Sansani




Drug Addicts



Lost in the presence of most,

if not all and sundry,

Absent in few cobweb corners of this city,

The reality of your originality is the calamity of this city,

It’s surreal how your ordeal is seemed as the deal even if not fit,

Fit it can never be even in a pit.


This city cannot go on and on,

With its scions swayed by frivolous lifestyle,

How realistic and idealistic is this?

With your hands you destroy your life,

With your legs you ruin your life,

With your lips you snuff out your life.


By yourself you shattered your dreams,

By yourself you sent yourself to the land of no returns,

I weep not only for you,

but for a society ravaged,

a future destroyed,

And a generation doomed!









Chamelionic in complexion,

Gigantic in size,

Dramatic in nature,

Fatalistic in outlook,



Disappointments is emblematic of you,

Dangers endemic in you,

Problems pandemic in you,

All dynamic in you,



An enthusiastic welcome,

An energetic sojourn,

An enigmatic experience,

A fantastic fantasy.



Like an anaesthetic to others’ pains by one,

Like an analgesic to the oppressed,

Full of antagonistic display to the oppressed, yet;

Full of apologetic antagonists

Life a fantastic fantasy!






Abdulrazak Iliyasu Sansani

Abdulrazak Iliyasu Sansani is a Nigerian from Gassol local Government of Taraba State. He is a person who dares to dream big despite the enormous challenges he has faced in life. He is a firm believer in justice, hard work, humanity and he is passionate about his country. He was a columnist at NewsShuttle Newspaper in his home state of Taraba until recently where he had published so many articles. He has also published articles in Yerwa Express News and Leadership Newspaper in Nigeria. He has recently published a piece in Setu magazine: a bilingual magazine in both the US and India, and five poems in Beyond the rainbow literary magazine in Australia. He is a young man who has almost every reason to give up but refuses to. He is very articulate, calm and a curious learner.

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