October 26, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Lisa Morris




Lava Soul



She called for him when all the streams ran high;

when all the winter woods were full of stars

and courted by the sound of his guitar

she lay in raptured silence for reply.

He whispered, “All is well, and all is well,”

she shook him by the shoulders, ruffled there

and ripped her fingers through her night-blown hair

before she said, “It is not truth you tell,

for you look at the world with sleepy eyes

and do not see the lava of my soul

which weeps and pines, and brings itself above.

The peace of all is just some failing guise

and I can see your own heart, half a whole

because you never truly learned to love!”






Lisa Morris

Lisa Morris is a freeverse and formalist poet, nature explorer, artist and traveler. Formerly an agent for authors, she is now author of two books, “Your Love is Inconvenient and Sublime” available on Kindle, and “The Sorcerer and Other Poems” available through Rainfall Books. Lisa is married to surrealist Cliff Snell III.

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