October 30, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Abdulrahman M Abu-yaman




The Tamed General



When the God of war

galvanized your 4th

consecutive race with a

famous triumph against

all odds after donkey years of

trials and tribulations, we

saw you as the messiah;

courtesy of your reputable

reconnaissances in the 60’s,

loyalty in 70’s, WAI in

80’s and your impeccable

reputation in the 90’s.

A clean soldier and an incorruptible

democrat we

saw you. Hence, a half-mili and

half-demo as President.

Loved by the masses and

feared by the bourgeois’.

Some of latters even returned

ill gotten portions of national

cake before your inauguration.


But nay! Mr. President.

Ever since you migrated

from GMB to PMB,

you’ve grown too meek and

weak. Our once feared

‘werewolf’ fighting

corruption now looks over-domesticated.

Our man of

timber and calibre is now

relegated to a man of

‘cotton and wool’. Or perhaps was


right by saying the government was



Oh PMB, our lost GMB,

the sound of music

has changed. So, switch your

dance steps. No

slow-dancing to a fast jamz.

Be swift, thorough

and adept in your policies.

Crush our economic

cankerworms like you are

doing with the Boko



Dear PMB,

can we have GMB back please?

The former is too hypotonic to

react on this

hyper-tensed and

hyper-inflated economy.

The clock is ticking fast,

Tick tock!!!



*PMB: President Muhammadu Buhari

*GMB: General Muhammadu Buhari






Abdulrahman M Abu-yaman

Abdulrahman M Abu-yaman is a Nigerian poet born in the western part of the country (Tin-can island, Lagos), occasionally visiting the south (Warri) despite being from the north where he currently lives (Minna). He majored in Economics at IBB University, Lapai, Niger State, loves to draw in pencil monochrome. His works have appeared in Kalahari Reviews, Elsielsy blog and forthcoming in Lunaris Review and Black Boy Review. You can follow him on Twitter @abuu_yaman.

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