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Gulam Yazdani







We gather the ripe emotions

Wearing a decent attire swathing bleeding bonds,

we join together and become one

I see a homeless-home:

breeding loneliness of tears

You and me bloom like a vagabond spring

You said we are a tragic drama.


Flashy shows upon the corrupted dogma

Our selfishness is so synthetic

How meagrely they speak, pseudo-words

How hesitantly they say hello

Pseudo-handshakes, pseudo-smiles.


Yet, we see happiness, life glows

A few drops of warm tears fall down

A farmer’s love irrigates life

An eastward vision.

Day and night in dazzling dream

Dying ray in darkness

A different world in the inferno

We are eastward, we open our eyes

A hope in golden colours

Blinks like a baby sun.








Her voice has crossed all the bars

No more the chains of tyranny can

Shackle her stubbornly fighting ankles

She is no more the puppet of the show

This is the time, when she runs it

She’s done with living over the furnace

No more breathing in the infectious social-chemicals

For long her interests have been crumbled-

Beneath the blackest layers of


Now she has stepped out of the doors

Smashing down the porous walls of stereotypes

She has burnt down the white flag

Surrender has never been her policy

It’s all about the equal and parallel

Positions, impartial values in every share,

At every step

No more eating the leftovers

It’s time to enjoy every grain,

Every feast, sitting at the world’s dining table

The life behind the window curtains

Is over

Now she is the face of a revolution

Marching on the streets-

A face to a great change to change-

What she has always pushed to be

Not what she deserves or wants to be

All the ill-minds who underestimated her capabilities,

Be careful!

For she is reaching the Everest

She is crossing the pacific

She is measuring the celestial heights

And no bars can cage her wings

Now she flies parallel with you all

And no more just listening from behind the doors

She has stepped beyond all the ill-barriers

And now she stands shoulder to shoulder with you all






Gulam Yazdani

I am currently an undergraduate student of English literature. My poems have been published in e-magazines such as Brown critique and Indian Ruminations.

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