November 2, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Soren Paul Petrek




Humanity’s Plea



Shards of families left in piles of bloody rubble

Flee while the world watches silently

No decency or compassion

Better them than me


Combatants and power from every direction

Hate disguised as a righteous endeavor

Disregard massacred victims

Covered eyes can’t see


The helpless adrift on an unfriendly ocean

Build walls close borders and snarl

Nationalities’ pitiless hand

Deaf to their pleas






soren paul petrek

Soren Paul Petrek

Poet and award winning novelist, Soren Paul Petrek has been writing since his early teens.

Cold Lonely Courage and his other works are available on Amazon. He intends to publish his book of poetry, Mountain in the near future.

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