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Ramona Thompson




I Stand For The Flag, I Kneel For The Cross



I believe in my nation and what that flag stands for


So it offends me on a very personal level when I see rich, powerful men disrespect it

The time has come to set them all straight

A little too long we have allowed this shame to linger on

Now we must stand as one and fight back before we lose something very precious

Doubt not my fellow Americans the power you hold inside


Football players have stepped way out of bounds here

One thing we cannot allow is this abuse of our nation’s heart and soul

Ruining the minds of the youth who follow them as if they were gods cannot be allowed


There has got be a different way

However long it may take we must find it

Everyone stand now and do your part


Follow your true heart made of red, white and blue

Let no sports here guide you wrong into disgrace

Allow yourself to think for yourself

Got to stick together now more than ever


I know where I stand, but do you


Kneeling with the cowards is not an option

No in-between

Either one or the other you must choose

Either you’re with America or you’re against it

Listen close to that anthem song and let it touch your true heart


Fear not what your friends may say or think

Once in a lifetime we get a chance to stand up for what is right

Rather it is the in thing to do or not


There comes a time when every man must not live in fear

Hell can take its lies and shove them

Everyone must resist the evil seeds protesters seek to plant


Can you feel the change in the air?

Rather you like it or not the line has been drawn

One way or another you must speak your mind

Stand with us or kneel with them?

So many brave men and women have died for that flag


How can you still not know by now what is the right choice to make?






Ramona Thompson

Ramona Thompson

Ramona Thompson has been writing for more then 20 years. Her credits include work with horrifiedpress.com, Calvary Cross, Dead Snakes, Blood Moon Rising, Infernal Ink, Tuck Magazine and many more.

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