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Julie Petersen




Finding Temporary Serenity



Saddest of all is this

Finding few with eyes seeing through similar lenses

Beholding such evil and intentions of personal gain

Being aware of those wishing to leech hearts and bones

Using them at will

Parading their kill like warriors

When in truth events abound in inequities

A masquerade and show of puppets taking place

Victory over which is only possible in overcoming acts

In breaking ties that bind

The goal to find a reachable place between battlegrounds

Where salvation waits among fields sown and nurtured

Those places within hearts not yet hardened

Away from smoldering gun scopes pointed at third eyes

Perhaps in the end finding temporary serenity permanently





Unrelenting Return



All feels within a hand’s grasp

Yet so far from my burning heart

How can one recover from a blistering heat to a slow simmer?

How can an ache so deep within be denied, waiting on bated breath?


I set eyes upon this–so comfortable–yet so intoxicating

You arousing desires to such heights not known since youth gone by

Awakening an electricity so striking as to bury any previous

While I’ve not even been in your arms


I cannot fathom where these feelings come from

Why this unrelenting return to a seemingly hopeless path

Perhaps because there is no echo of loss still yet

Or only because I create no end to what possibly only my heart follows


When in the still of the night with my thoughts

They will of course be of you and this need harbored

But should you fade into memories, I will forever remember…

How time stopped for just a moment with a passion beyond my wildest dreams







Julie Petersen

Julie Petersen lives in Colorado where she has worked as a database professional for over 10 years while pursuing technical writing to give life to her desire to write. Her passion for writing and poetry started as a young adult after high school when she published her first poems in several anthologies. After returning to writing poetry over a year ago, Julie is an active poet on social media poetry groups including Contemporary Poets, Their Works, Current Poetry Projects, News, Links and has recently been published in the group’s top selling anthology titled “Moonlight Dreamers of Yellow Haze: (Contemporary Poetry By New and Experienced Poets)“. Julie loves to reach others with her words and is also an amateur photographer whose pictures often inspire and accompany her poetry.

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