November 7, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Amreen Qadir







They say there are wavering ruby scarves inside of me,

But within me, it’s the fire that is extinguishing


They say someone slammed the lid upon me,

But within me it’s the voice that is trembling


They say no Pain no Gain,

But it’s just that i am fading


Happiness to me is a phantasm,

I try to run, yet i am sinking


They say life is a roller coaster,

So here in the pool of sorrows, i am drowning


They all are ignorant of the fact that life is a twisted cobweb,

Alas! They don’t know i am collapsing


I wish tomorrow comes with a new hope,

As to lift my soul and to make my spirit enriching


I ask myself very often!

Is it that life is a stained window?

With rainbow colors and full of lighting


I will keep my emotions trapped in the amber,

oh my poor heart, wake up from the slumber!






Amreen Qadir

I am Amreen Qadir, from the department of languages and literature, school of humanities and social sciences. I am doing my masters in English literature from Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Jammu and Kashmir. I have acquired 7.1 CGPA in my first year of Masters degree. I belong to Srinagar Kashmir and it’s known as the Crown of India.

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