November 8, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Marites Gueta




Humanities’ Survival to Fit



as the dance of oblivion takes charge

it empowers the tranquil mind

dominating each strand of raven colour hem of desire

humanities’ survival to fit

in the vision of harmonious theme

blood that serves as tint

seals the promise oath of belief

dwindles in the alabaster box of tyranny

as the clock ticks in notable music notes

surrender in the legacy of vibrant rose

accompanied by the cadence of flaming drums

where oblivion has no place in the end!





Golden Jar of Words



words put into a golden jar

swimming in the placid water of thoughts

emancipates every rigorous amend

catapulted behavior of innocence

directed to boundless freedom of hope and love

exquisite yet ordinarily found

in every peculiar linear array

notwithstanding the steps of bait

decodes special connection of old






Marites Gueta

I am a Filipina and was born in Quezon City, Philippines. A poet at heart, I do believe that every poet is special and unique in their own way. They speak their heart to the people. I also have a facebook page, feel free to visit Lovi’s Poems.

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