The Lesson of Coincidence

November 9, 2017 Africa , Nigeria , Opinion , OPINION/NEWS , United States

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Don Krieger



Where is our shared humanity?

The lesson of coincidence.


On November 5, 26 people were murdered in a Texas church.

On that same day, 26 Nigerian dead girls and women were brought to the port of Salerno, Italy.


How many good people mourn the deaths of these people?

How many cry in passionate outrage for the madness of gun violence in America, the horror of sex slavery worldwide?


How many understand that the solution you see may never be realized?

How many have the sense to look for a real answer which makes a real difference?


How many good people must die?

How many more must live in fear, in poverty, in slavery?

How long must good Americans live in ignorance of the suffering world wide which created our wealth?






Don Krieger

I have built satellites, worked in the operating room, been in a cult, …

I earn my living as part of a group which is trying to understand and treat head injury.

In my poetry and short blog pieces, I want to express ideas with unambiguous clarity and intensity.

I willingly sacrifice rhyme and meter, art, cleverness, elegance, and beauty for these.

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