November 9, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Success Akpojotor





Cold War


The world’s major war was over, for good.

The Star Spangled Banner helped others stood.

But their Eastern counterpart were a frown.

A cold war, faces long and brown.

Two nations – grappling silently in their hood.






Hate is when one spreads fake and dirty news

about a rival on the very front pews.

Division and lies are the

results of the very hate; like the

result of what Hitler did to the Jews.






Is it a matter of choosing or fate?

Hope fate does not strike your hate.

Senator what if your son is Bisi’?

Your Honor, you may be killing Ali –

Ali has a fine young man date.






What do you think is the future?

If you knew, you would greatly nurture.

Listen, the future is female;

And it is not for sale,

And will be no need for any suture.




Madam President


We await that beautiful coming glorious day

when the fifty two percent shall boldly say:

‘We rule, yes we have a Madam President’;

And all good girls will be resident.

And Mother Sun will speak with a fine ray.






Success Akpojotor

Success Akpojotor writes gratifying, great, gripping mysteries. His characters are brainy and plucky, but in real life, Success is afraid of nukes, guns, and strippers.

Success thinks he’s from the Future; but when he’s sipping smoothie, he believes he is William Shakespeare reincarnated into the 21st century. Follow him at @sadavidia.

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