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Renee Drummond-Brown







Racist amongst us

are pen to paper

whilst revulsion is to

haters. As chauvinistic is to bigotry as xenophobia is to

discriminators.  Truth be told, prejudices’

plague our nation,

our minds,

our bodies

an’ our souls.

Racist amongst us

are pen to paper sketching our ignorance

with ONE Crayola crayon.





Theft By Deception



I can’t remember his name. But I know;

we loved once. I can’t remember his game,

but I know that I was always sent back to start, and it was a good one. I can’t remember a thang. But,

he says to me, we once said “I do.”  If, this is true. Theft by deception

is ev’r so cruel. 911 what can I do?





Knocked Waaay Out The Park!!!



Don’t take her out to the ball game.

She wants not your peanuts nor crackerjacks. Surprise!

She remembers the very first strike! Then strike 2,

came. Her family and friends knew not just what to do! Strike 3. GRAND SLAM;

was hard as can be and she lost all sense of time and memory! God said

twas’ a home run! Cause when she awoke

she was standing in judgement of His Only Begotten Son.


Don’t take me out to no ball games!

And I surely don’t want no peanuts

nor crackerjacks, cause I care waaay too much, about getting back!






Renee Drummond Brown

Renee Drummond-Brown, is an accomplished poetess/writer. She is a graduate of Geneva College of Western Pennsylvania and The Center for Urban Biblical Ministry (CUBM) with experience in creative writing. She is working on her fourth book and has numerous works published globally which can be seen in cubm.org/news, KWEE Magazine (Liberian L. Review), Leaves of Ink Magazine, New Pittsburgh Courier, Raven Cage Poetry and Prose Ezine Magazine, Realistic Poetry International, Scarlet Leaf Publishing House, SickLit Magazine, The Metro Gazette Publishing Company, Inc., Tuck, and Whispers Magazine just to name a few. Her love for creative writing is undoubtedly displayed through her very unique style of poetry. Renee’ is inspired by non-other than Dr. Maya Angelou, because of her, Renee’ posits “Still I write, I write, and I’ll write!”

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  1. Renee' Drummond-Brown November 14, at 15:15

    Thank you Michael Organ, Managing Editor and Publisher of Tuck Magazine for publishing my poems. I am truly grateful. Pittsburgh Author Renee' Drummond-Brown (Renee's Poems with Wings are Words in Flight).


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