November 14, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Alina Maria







When i look at the sky it’s still the same

Same people around but a bit insane

My heart says have faith

But it’s hard to control my brain

She came to me and explained

Life is just like a moving train


Emotions hit me like a storm

People say i have a syndrome

Life is not as simple as it looks

But it’s just like a maths book

Stars need darkness to glow

But i don’t know why i feel low


The chords in my head aren’t matching

The strings attached to me are detaching

Fighting the demons isn’t fun

When you have to exorcise yourself, it ain’t fun

Warriors are born everyday

Just to wake up and play


Loving yourself is not easy

When you feel 24/7 dizzy

Uneven things dont bother me now

I’ve learnt to live with it somehow

It’s better to live in the world in your head

Rather than living in a world of dread.






Alina Maria

My name is Alina Maria aka Elena. Age 18. Rupi Kaur is my favourite poet. I am a wannabe poet, singer and actor.

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