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Opal Ingram




One Step Beyond



I have been near you

one step beyond,


around the way


In a glimpse


In a quiet way.


One step beyond

I stand out- side

the sun

beyond you


One step beyond

across the way


In a glimpse explain

beautiful in its aura


I stand out side

the sun in a rainbow

full of rays in a quiet way

One step beyond.





Black Stockings



A sheer of just an experience

caught up in a peek around the



With a touch of a pattern

where the sidewalks ended

through broken patterns from a

past of no fault of mine own

but in a child view.


Just a child gone stray on a trail

of a journey fate walk.


I walk with a tilt cross in the wrong direction

guided by a fate traveler I took the one less travelled

where it bends in the undergrowth from a root already planted

from a seed already broken long ago maybe a curse gone bad

on a gloomy path, that was meant to learn on a road as cold as clay.


I was caught up in a day

That made no difference

than the next day.


I lost everything but my soul

I felt small in a vision not of me

but of somebody else’s nightmare

of what they thought who I ought to be

caught up in a diss and miss

of a reality of a twist of fate

through a thread of darkness in a

child view in a Women story of an once upon

a time a girl who wore black stockings well.






Opal Ingram - Tuck Magazine

Opal Ingram

Opal Ingram is a Poet/ Author from the Lower East Side NYC. She is Author of 4 short stories and poetry books – Black Stockings 360, Like a Rag Doll- Finding Your Purpose, Black Stockings 361 – Love Poems 40. She currently Resides In Troy, NY. Her Passion For Writing began in her childhood.

Opal Ingram also has a Facebook Poetry group, Opal Expressions Poetry aka- Poetress Mystic.

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