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Ngozi Olivia Osuoha




This Crook



From the look in his nook

This crook can hook

The moon by noon

To boom the doom.


So brood through the book

And cook for the groom,

Soon, give him the spoon

And shoot the room.


This cocoon brings gloom

The loom in his tooth

Destroys a booth.


Not smooth with his loot

Too rough in his boot,

He took the broom

To sweep the food,

Use all the wood,

And burn down the hood

Because he can shoot.





Dear Teacher



Dear teacher

You were so able

That you punched the bubble

And made it wobble

For me not to stumble,

You were confident and stable

That my pieces, you did couple

You were so balanced like a table

That you inscribed me on the marble,

Dear teacher

You are so great, a Noble.


Dear teacher

Picked me from cradle

And lit up my candle,

You held my handle

For me not to tumble

You built me a castle

And boiled my kettle

My colours, you did dribble

And linked all the purple.


Dear teacher

You are neither small nor little

So I pledge not to belittle

Nor mess up your mantle,

You are the bottle

That I want to triple,

For yours are the cattle

That make the world dazzle.





Dear Ember



Dear September

Welcome to my chamber

And take your number,

As you become my member

Always remember

To bring me divine hamper

That nothing can tamper

Because me, you must pamper.


Dear October

We are sober,

There is a stopper

He flies his chopper,

There is a sniper

He shoots the pauper,

There is a robber

He strangles the barber,

There is a viper

He poisons the tapper,

There is a bomber

He raids our border,

There is a plumber

He neglects our chamber,

There is a piper

He burns our paper,

Come, shun our slumber

And make us super.





Black Poppy



From the back

There is a great lack

Around the park

Where we pack

Which paints black.


So if we must lobby

With our hobby

To become chubby

Then let it not be floppy

Because of our puppy.


Then let us have a preview

Of the interview

When we are due,

For the world to view

And give her review.


So as we cook

And write our book,

Let us hook

Not a crook

For a bad outlook.








If progression

Quickens succession

And retrogression

Hardens secession

Then segregation

Brings aggression.


Because petition

Is repetition

As litigation

Suffers procrastination.


And in the cave of oppression

And suppression,

Complete lamentation

Triggers aggression.






Ngozi Olivia Osuoha

Ngozi Olivia Osuoha Is a Nigerian graduate of Estate Management with experience in Banking and Broadcasting. She has published over one hundred poems in over ten countries. Her two longest poems of 355 and 560 verses are available on amazon, THE TRANSFORMATION TRAIN and LETTER TO MY UNBORN respectively. She is a passionate African ink.

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