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Daipayan Nair




Boutique with Boo & Tick



Soul turns mystique

Even if not revolutionary & evolutionary

When propaganda sells itself

Gift-wrapped in my boutique

And the hands, don’t hold air anymore

But scented roses with pruned stalks

That’s how love holds a mike,

That’s why lovers call for a strike

Lips do speak what tongue erases

A kiss half-done gasps out

Today’s compelling post-truth, featured brute

Me, you, our non-acclaimed ropes & races

Million faces for a tale, million faces for sale,

Disappearing, as old friends, new trends

No traces left to return

When I tie my shoelaces

And I make this day with your mortal contribution of hugs,

My useless and ageless agenda

I don’t get your kiss, I shall hiss

I shall fish my country, if your region I miss

Believe, you’re there to care for your truth

And I’ll say ‘shoot’

Shoot the hoot before it turns a flute

And scent of God’s breath in form of stale butter

Cannot intoxicate my epic like His anymore

See, how one folds his hand,

Sucks his own melody

Only when he wants what he likes

He gets in front of his mike

Soul is at fatigue

It delivers voices to the air

Taken in all that’s naked and bare

Be in a box, a beat-box, an idiot box

Sleep sideways or cuddle post orgasms

Just march through the lips

Hold your banners at the throat

Receive the thrash in her belly

Say that truth and lie has a physique

And let the propaganda sell itself

Gift-wrapped in my boutique

Let the capital stay elite, notorious and unquestioned

In the binary of our eyes

Where even souls are trapped, wrapped;

Auctioned and postponed

Till mankind turns nothing but sick

And I in this post-truth of dawn

Call them weak, just weak.





Flower Tyranny



Attack me with flowers

The habitual tyranny

Your bullets are too

Straightforward to be true


They just kill

And what proof

Or statement after that.







Daipayan Nair

Born in 1988 in a small town of Silchar, Assam, India, Daipayan Nair is a freelance writer/columnist, poet, fiction writer and essayist. His works have been published in a lot of printed anthologies and online poetry journals like The Poetry Breakfast, The Galway Review, Tuck Magazine, 1947 Literary Journal, Duane’s PoeTree Blog, etc. He was recently awarded The Reuel International Poetry Prize 2016. His works have been translated in quite a few languages. He has also got a book to his name. His first collection of poems is named ‘The Frost‘ which was released in 2015. His recent publication is a co-authored anthology of poems titled ‘THE VIRTUAL REALITY’ which was released at the end of 2016. Currently he is working on his upcoming project, a detailed poetry book on the new poetry form ‘Tideling‘ titled ‘Parallelism’ to be published by the end of 2017.

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