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Ngozi Olivia Osuoha




If You See Gaddafi



A desert is no home

A wilderness is no Palace,

A sea is no empire

A hell is no heaven,

A war is no victory.


Silver or gold, I have not

But I can work for you,

I am a freeborn

The green dream of Africa,

For what is oil without man

And gold without him?

For I am a liquid gold

And a concrete oil.


If you see Gaddafi

Tell him, there is a tsunami,

A war warring for a war

Upon loading a war.


If you see Gaddafi

Tell him, no dollar nor euro

No pound nor currency can buy Africa.



And for the tens they torture

The dozens they maim

For the scores that drown

And the hundreds they rape,

For the grosses they exploit

And the thousands they starve,

If you see Gaddafi

Tell him, there is a war.


They roast, they auction,

They mutilate, they jail

They kill, they enjoy

If you see Gaddafi

Tell him, the war is on.


Tell him, there is a disaster

A war, an unfathomable one

Beyond age, beyond time

Beyond humanity, beyond wonder,

Beyond the border we ponder.


If you see Gaddafi

Tell him, slavery is timid

Archaic, primitive and backward

Ungodly, unjust, cruel and absurd

Inhumane and carnivorous.

Tell him of an era, new and generational

Free, free, free, free and free freedom.


If you see Gaddafi

Tell him the tales of Africa and slavery,

Tell him that enough is enough.


If you see Gaddafi,

Tell him Africa is not a slave.




#Libya #SayNoToSlavery








Ngozi Olivia Osuoha

Ngozi Olivia Osuoha Is a Nigerian graduate of Estate Management with experience in Banking and Broadcasting. She has published over one hundred poems in over ten countries. Her two longest poems of 355 and 560 verses are available on amazon, THE TRANSFORMATION TRAIN and LETTER TO MY UNBORN respectively. She is a passionate African ink.

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