December 4, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Ben White





To Elevate the Conversation

(The Threat Is Real)



The relationship

Between America and Britain

Has been strained

By President Trump

Re-Tweeting propaganda

From a far-right,

Anti-Freedom-Of-Religion group.


English Parliament members

Are more upset

Than American members of Congress


(Sworn to defend Freedom of Religion)


Because the US

Has grown complacent

And ignorant

Of all social issues


Except, of course

Those that come with

Cat videos

And sexual misconduct


(Well, the sexual misconduct of anyone but the president)


But there may be a strand of hope

For the long-standing alliance

Between the two countries,


(And we can’t have that!)


So to help make Brexit comprehensive

To include severing the ties

With their old colonies,

Maybe the president can Tweet out

Some old film championing

The IRA.






Ben White

What Ben White writes is written from behind the wheel of a classic straight-eight idea rolling along forgotten highways with the windows rolled down.  His poems have appeared in various online journals from the As You Were Journal, to the Exterminating Angel Magazine to Dry Land Press to Creativity Webzine. He has a forthcoming poem, “Cold Warriors” selected to appear in Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors, Volume 6. He is also the author of an e-novelThe Kill Gene.

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