December 8, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Ben White








President Trump

Has recognized


As Israel’s capital



Security forces are set

To respond

To the response

Of passionate violence


We can hope

Prime Minister May

Doesn’t take the chance

To recognize

Richmond, Virginia

As the true capital


Of Trump’s America

Allowing the same kind

Of violence to emerge

From history.





Another Tower



It’s easy to imagine

The only vision

The president has

Is seeing his name

On hotels around the world –


Including downtown

In his newly recognized capital

Of Israel –

Jerusalem –

With an adjoining golf course

Built around the Buraq Wall


And when the president stays there

He will expect an ascension point


To take him to his suite

High enough up

Away from the streets

So Palestinian rocks

And fire bombs

Won’t be able to reach

His lacking sense

Of humanity.






Ben White

What Ben White writes is written from behind the wheel of a classic straight-eight idea rolling along forgotten highways with the windows rolled down.  His poems have appeared in various online journals from the As You Were Journal, to the Exterminating Angel Magazine to Dry Land Press to Creativity Webzine. He has a forthcoming poem, “Cold Warriors” selected to appear in Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors, Volume 6. He is also the author of an e-novelThe Kill Gene.

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