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Gail White




War Song of the GOP



O the middle class is bigger

But the wealthy’s wealth is vaster,

And the rich will be still richer

If we cut their taxes faster.

No more taxes on your profits,

No inheritance obstructions,

And for all you working people

We’ll eliminate deductions.


There will only be three brackets

(Rich is lower, poor is higher)–

All you billionaires will love it,

For we’re preaching to the choir.

Cheer for Trump and Mitch and Ryan

And their trickle-down adventure.

Gotta love us – we’re the party

That supports the One Percenter.





The What I Used To Think Blues



As a child I could hear the stars twinkling

As I lay awake in bed.

Then someone told me it was crickets.

Science killed mythology dead.


Living on the Gulf of Mexico

Listening to the sea in a shell,

Used to think I could sail from Pensacola to France.

Didn’t know geography too well.


At fourteen, thought I’d be attractive

To men when I hit twenty-four.

Used to think I’d live to see a woman president.

Don’t think that anymore.






Gail White

Gail White is a Formalist poet whose work appears regularly in such journals as Measure, Raintown Review, Rotary Dial, and First Things. She is a contributing editor of Light (www.lightpoetrymagazine.com) and a two-time winner of the Howard Nemerov Sonnet Award. Her most recent collections are Asperity Street and Catechism (both on Amazon). She lives in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, with her husband and cats.

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