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Norberto Franco Cisneros




Paradise Is Not A Benign Place



Killers will not go through the gates of paradise

Dirty souls cannot exist in a perfect Universe of Love

Denying anyone’s life is abhorred universally

and in the Great Hall of the Perfect Ones


To those who do evil acts Love is a word that embraces odium

Kindness and compassion do not exist in their lexicon of hate

Those that perpetrate murders and other heinous crimes

being devoid of humanity their bodies contain no souls

and will not repose in heaven


Their evil makes them prisoners inside their hellish destructive minds;

their vile acts make them a threat to civilization

wandering through life experiencing no affection

clueless to what it means to care for another human being


Not understanding the meaning of Peace on Earth and Good Will to all Men

They will not see God’s Angelic Perfection

and will be denied even a view of the Sacred Universe of Love

Paradise is not a benign place for evil doers.





The Quickly Disappearing Days Of All Seasons



November is disappearing quickly

autumn colors remain unnoticed by the masses

only thing to look forward to is Thanksgiving,

but after the turkey and pumpkin pie are gobbled up

what is left?


The approaching killer cold of winter, that’s what,

sweeping in with the anger of my father

after watching political programs on Sunday


This planet is in deep trouble

and will continue if our leaders do not heed the screams of the past

anguished screams of pain and sorrow heard perennially

those only bring despair and hopelessness

Man’s constant companions


Thank God Christmas is approaching soon

Christmas time, the day of the Pacifist

time to reflect and become better humans

to restore the lost sanity of an insane world gone awry


In these stressful times for many people,

there are those who flower in traumatic times;

should they give back enough to even the playing field?


Greed says “No!” Avarice says “Not in my lifetime”

and the forces of injustice say

“Not unless you get past our guns!”


November is disappearing quickly

but not the wretchedness of people

at Christmas time people still give from their hearts,

but wait patiently for the New Year to improve their debts


People forever struggling, forever fighting for their dignity,

yet always remaining in the same place feigning progress

slowly creeping forward by the epoch, inch by inch,

within these quickly disappearing days of all seasons





The Stonewalker: An End Time Elegy



The historical Stone Walker sings gravedigger, dearth songs.

A warning: the End Times are approaching and almost upon us.


In a land called the Monongahela across the river and down highway 10 west to the northern part of New Mexico, the Rocky Mountains end. There in that place where midgets ride frail Dalmatian dogs and horses bray at pastel colored ghosts conjured by the hunchback mind of the historical Stone Walker the circus died. The Walker laughs skipping from stone to stone never falling, he never falls.


Cockfights flourish here in New Mexico and in this lethal game, as in life, the cocks slash each other over and over until one dies. Somewhere in the background John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ reverberates in the halls of worship. Linda Rousey, the Champion, bloodied and battered, loses her first fight. Her soul died that night.


Jews sing prayers in unison. In the synagogue where they pray, dancers dance the ‘Horah’ to a Jewish dance step beguiling frogs in heat, stimulating all beasts to copulate simultaneously. Phalluses of Cro-Magnon meat meander through hairless vulvas slithering from genital to genital enticing lesser minds into libidinous fervor.


Metal drones, on a darkened landscape, obsessed with any target do not have the spiritual values of their makers who suspended them on the swastika of hope (their cross of nails). These flying mechanical robots kill faultless people that die screaming in pain; people’s perpetual state of fear.


It is said strange apparitions and false prophets will appear at the End Times; snow will fall in the desert; rains and oceans will reach far and wide to swallow many lands; deformed people will be born and Evil with many deceiving, illogical, self-serving voices will distort Nature’s dire distress with promises of God leading gullible followers to their destruction. Gabriel’s silver trumpet will play the final note that the whole world will hear.


Take heed, you who worship profits and the Golden Calf, do you think your wealth and comfort is assured forever? Are you sure there’s a tomorrow when today’s tomorrow looks precarious?


The Stone Walker flits from stone to stone inscribing the Maya warning, “Beware of Tomorrow!”


If you detect Man’s folly in all of this, then prepare; the veil is being lifted. The evil doers will be called out. The Apocalypse approaches quickly!






Norberto Franco Cisneros

My poems have been published in the following publications: Indiana University Journal Chiricu; Avocet Review (Avocet Press); Snow Jewel (Grey Sparrow Press); Ilumen (Mouthfeel Press/ Sam’s Dot Publishing) and several others, including e-zines, Black Petals, Ruhatish and have been a Featured Poet in Poetry Soup.

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