Poetry/Art: Exchange Rates


Nancy Ramsey and KJ Hannah Greenberg




Art by KJ Hannah Greenberg




(By Nancy Ramsey)



Beer, cigarettes, stank from last night or maybe this morning

From forty plus years

A second hand childhood spent taking on the problems of generations past, unknown.


Leans in.

Takes his fill.


Those who infringe

Never know, care, consider,

While those who would care

Would never allow themselves the luxury.






Art by KJ Hannah Greenberg




(By Nancy Ramsey)



Veins like rivers

Hydrate tiny worlds

Within each leaf.






Art by KJ Hannah Greenberg



What Is It?

(By Nancy Ramsey)



City crowd,

Math lesson,

Dogs galore.

Rooms at home,

Playground trip,

Shopping mall.


Black panther,












Nancy Ramsey

Nancy Ramsey, a painter from Alexandria, Virginia, values exploring the natural world and often references nature and the human form within her abstract art. She also enjoys painting more abstractly on intuitive projects in which each stroke forms in response to the one before. Collaborating with other artists, writers and dancers is a particular interest and inspiration. 


KJ Hannah Greenberg

KJ Hannah Greenberg’s whimsical writing buds in pastures where gelatinous wildebeests roam and beneath the soil where fey hedgehogs play. Her newest book is Dreams are for Coloring Books: Midlife Marvels (Seashell Books, May 2017).

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