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Norberto Franco Cisneros




When Daylight Comes



When nighttime comes

I long for a kiss

from my partner’s sweet sucking lips

to make me forget the craziness around me.


When I wake up in the night

I want to eat fried chicken

to quell my upset spirit

and calm my seething anger.


I don’t know why the rich who have so much are so unhappy,

Their politicians deny families stamps for food

and safe shelter for the homeless.

Right-wing stooges have no heart that beats human.


Don’t they know that the malevolent laws they write

hurt the daily lives of the fast dwindling middle class,

while their own gorged bellies and bank accounts expand?

They callously feign ignorance the millions of suffering Americans endure.


Greed is at their core

always wanting more.

They care not for other people’s children

They cut programs that provide daily necessities for families.


We, the well-fed Americans, should make it a point to remember,

we are not a young country anymore

it’s time we grew up and shared our abundance.

Should there be millions for the wealthy, but pennies for the rest of us?


Isn’t it time Americans stopped their brainless immaturity,

out of control avarice, and allocated the bounty to all?

Isn’t it time, they ceased the killing around the world,

destroying people’s lives, and stealing our nation’s treasure?


In the approaching daylight, when a new tomorrow comes,

let us end this archaic monstrous way of treating people

and for once up the level to a true, caring benevolence

that fills our empty hearts with the God-spirit imbued within us all.


Time does not stand still for anyone or country;

it moves on with or without us.

Shall we continue to be led by the give-to-the-rich, king wanna-be,

or is impeaching him a difficult decision to make and act upon?






Norberto Franco Cisneros

My poems have been published in the following publications: Indiana University Journal Chiricu; Avocet Review (Avocet Press); Snow Jewel (Grey Sparrow Press); Ilumen (Mouthfeel Press/ Sam’s Dot Publishing) and several others, including e-zines, Black Petals, Ruhatish and have been a Featured Poet in Poetry Soup

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