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January 16, 2018 Opinion , OPINION/NEWS , Pakistan , United States


Muhammad Shoaib Khan



Meaningful Diplomatic Engagement between Pakistan and America the only way forward for Peace in the Region



The cooperation between Pakistan and America for a stable Afghanistan and peace in the region was imperative. Therefore, an effective and meaningful engagement on the diplomatic front must be revived and improved so that the forces with a destructive agenda could be averted to benefit from this vacuum and cause further unrest and instability in the region. Speakers expressed these views at a seminar titled ‘The Implications of New Low on the Diplomatic Front of Pak-US Relations’; held in Islamabad.

Critics were of the view that the civilian input must be restructured at a greater level to deal with the present diplomatic crisis. After President Trump’s tweet, Pakistan waved an olive branch by taking action against some militant groups, but unfortunately there was no policy guideline in place to respond to the situation in an organized manner.

Pakistan has taken strong action against the existence of sanctuaries of the militants and terrorists groups within its geographic boundaries. The nation can and has survived in the past without American aid so responding to the vcurrent diplomatic challenges was crucial, not because of, but for peace and stability in the region.

Former diplomats emphasized the need for looking inward besides reviving the diplomatic engagement with America. However, President Trump was pushing the sole super power towards isolation as, in international diplomacy, there was no room for such expressions.

Furthermore to win the war in Afghanistan, America has to work with Pakistan, where Pakistan has the opportunity to tailor its strategy according to its own national interest. Both countries could remain as allies and thus work for a peaceful solution in Afghanistan.

Defense Analysts expressed their concerns over US policies in Afghanistan, peace there being the greater interest of Pakistan, whereas the US has no interest in peace. Pakistan was the only country who had the pure interest in a peaceful and stable Afghanistan. The process of Afghanistan’s peace negotiations was continuously sabotaged by the US since the problem began, and the killing of Mullah Akhtar Mansour was the last nail in the coffin of peace talks.

The Trump administration was turning a blind eye to the state terrorism of India on innocent Kashmiri people, which speaks of the double standard of the current US administration.

Pakistan should respond to President Trump’s tweet at different levels and should look towards new regional players and form new alliances.





Muhammad Shoaib Khan

Muhammad Shoaib Khan

Muhammad Shoaib Khan is a journalist from Pakistan and has worked with NEO TV, Independent News, PBCand The Nation.

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