January 17, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Nyashadzashe Chikumbu







Destitute I stand

On no man’s land.

Running out of breath each time

I spend on this cursed land.

My guts being

Splattered, sprinkling and spoiling

the whole country side.


Divorced from my mind and

the world: I fought my war,

with ink to bullets.

Independent thinker

Charged with subversiveness

the bullets of their contempt,

bombard the ribcage of my sanity.


Cracked a smile I bear on my face,

alone and confined to this

Vast psychiatric ward

that is the world.

Cast out like a bad







Nyashadzashe Chikumbu

Nyashadzashe Chikumbu is a young rising Zimbabwean writer, poet and satirist. Keen on eradicating the mental manacle that is the ‘Inferiority complex’, through his works he advocates for total intellectual freedom of the black people, to do away with the mental rape that has been subjected to Africa and all its intuitions. In short a man physically but his boisterous syllables are potent to knock down humanity’s moral insanity to understanding. A citizens rights activist, and a student stern on becoming one of Africa’s medical pioneers.

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