How right is Islam and Christianity?

January 25, 2018 Opinion , OPINION/NEWS , OTHER

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Ogbonnaya Joel Nwanneka


From the truth of nature and what is and what ought not to be, I don’t think criticizing any religion, either fairly or the opposite, is right sir/ma. The truth being that, we must all face what we hold in high esteem of which religion is among, and people, at least 75%, stick to it because it works for them and is their faith and they believe it, the outcome of which one doesn’t understand.

It’s true that religion has caused more harm than good, but in a situation where man cannot do without being part of any, there’s nothing one could have done to society. Even an unbeliever is indirectly a believer in the actual sense, because he believes in something, and this also means believing both grammatically and naturally.

One would criticize religion because he/she doesn’t belong to the bloc and doesn’t see things the way people who are into it are seeing it. One would criticize religion because things being done in it are a mess to his own faith and thinks that it shouldn’t be. Let’s face the truth of what is and not what ought to be sir.

An average African man will still stick to a belief, no matter what it means to him, and also find his self in one way or the other criticizing another belief.

My candid solution to this problem of religious criticism is that it’s better we do not at all, if possible, criticize any faith, because we that are not into it do not see things the way they do, and will always go against it. If what we are seeing now goes in line with their religion, let them be and let them practise it. At the end of time, we would still come to know “what is from what was” and not “what ought to be”.





Ogbonnaya Joel Nwanneka

Ogbonnaya Joel Nwanneka is a poet writing from Osun,Nigeria, an indigene of Ebonyi,Nigeria. He’s a student and a budding lawyer who believes in changing the world positively through creative writings.

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