January 30, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Gerry Sikazwe




Worn Boldly and Gratefully



But as life has day and night

Mine too has faces

One of glittering smiles

And another of darkening frowns

One impressively witty

And another shamefully imbecilic

But as life has day and night

And is proud of its fraternal twins

I too am not embarrassed of mine

I wear them boldly and gratefully

Knowing full well

That if not for them

The balance they shape

I would be a life mad and dangerous.





Love, You’re Complex



You’re the fire

In the belly of the soul

Flames that never tire

Burning on and on


You are the frost

Inside the moon’s flesh

Which makes it look lost

Pale alien to life


Your luke-warm existence

Adding value to it

At the same time devaluing its essence

What a paradox!






Gerry Sikazwe

Gerry Sikazwe is a Zambian poet. He is currently studying at the University of Zambia pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Adult Education. He manages a poetry page on Facebook and a poetry blog. His peoms have been featured on sites such as Dissident Voices, AfricanWriter.com, In Between Hangovers, Mshikamano.com, Nthanda Review and Tipton Poetry Journal.

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