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Nthikeng Daniel Madileng




Your Death cuffed me



The smiles died as the earth was ripped asunder

I didn’t know that you were a part of those that got pounded to the claps of a thunder

I can see terror in your veins as they strike and bury you under

They strangled you my brother

Hung your breath on a cord hanger,

Maniacally laughed as the pebbles injected you with pain

They choked your lungs and wore coats as the blood rains

Your scream was out in seclusion


Behind your lungs they left nobody

They left the loudest silence

An extrusion of your eye left you for a drown in a deep fear

They threw you life to a sharp spear,

Tore it apart like an old garment

They mobbed the floor with your body and painted the pavement

They sold you for insects

And left your soul in a shadow like darkness


I cannot afford to buy their expensive apologies

Only if I could see Lazarus walking out of his tomb

I would probably cut off the cords from the womb

And let that angry bird flock,

I would perhaps know that you were indeed sleeping

And this scar is just another nightmare creeping

I accepted your absence but their presence blows a blister

And I hate Judas with his pieces of silver

Because he sold you without wearing a shiver


I swallowed my anger as a sedative

But I see no change on a leopard spot

My soul is still limping from the brokenness

I am still burning out under the sun

I thought the pain I hid would come to rest

I thought it would ride with you in a hearse

But the birds didn’t flock away

The baby of sorrow is growing like a foetus

And the father I glowing like a summer day


My joy accompanied you to the grave

This hairy thought of losing you is too much for a shave

You died in the eyes of nowhere

And my heart is left alone like a widow

I am suffocating from the pain and I cannot open the window

This is too much to bear,

But I hope your soul found a comfort on a pillow





In The Name Of Love



From afar you were just a distance that was emotionally killing me,

But i realized that distance is just a product of time and velocity,

And from the eyes of reality time is never on time

But time is something that we make and velocity is just a speed that kills.

My entire life i have been killing the feeling of running towards your direction.

I’ve been hiding behind my shadow

I’ve been burying the feet of my heart inside of my old shoes,

I have been shutting my mouth for a scream,

Shrouding my inner voice with my taming tongue.

Like all the runners,

I am tired

I’m letting my doubts expire

I travelled millions of miles for you

I got mugged, robbed and broken

I got laughed on, mocked and my duff sworn

I got bruised and treated as a recluse

I got fooled and emptied in the name of love

I can’t let ignorance decide my destination no more

Hear me out from this box I covered myself in

Hear the breath storming from my lungs

Open the hands from within and receive me

I died and left my grave for you.








So alone in your mind,

The brain numb from the sound of the grind.

So long you’ve been waiting,

But there is no rain to drown the grounds

No plant to wither the pain your heart is carrying

Joy becomes harder to see like a background

You look back in your gallery and there is no pictures pasted on the wall

No hope to emotionally reinstall

Doors shut from the backroom of your lungs.

Heart pounding so hard it breaks your rib.

Silence dribbles down like saliva from your mumbling lip.

Your music fades you dance your feet to dead songs

What a shadow you have become like darkness.

You tried to catch the glimpse of the light but the tunnel is endless.






Nthikeng Daniel Madileng

Nthikeng Daniel Madileng was born on the 18th march 1992 in the Limpopo Province within the township of Regae. He is the first child in a family of five children. He is a musician, a writer and qualified software Developer who started writing at the age of 12 and spent many years learning under Majatladi Secondary school and Tshwane University of technology. His poems and writing have been featured in many exhibitions and festivals around Limpopo and Gauteng Province, university events such as fresher’s ball and YFE Programme. In 2017 he was awarded a certificate in essay writing and also published his first poetry book with amazon.

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