February 15, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Rick Davis




Dear President



You won the electoral college

Packaging yourself as a white messiah

But one day your “base” will realize

That you only care about the wealthy

As your heartless policies stick in my brain

Like a rusty spear

And are the darkening of February

Into muddied snow.


But your damage will one day

Be undone

As true visionaries

Feel luminous form

And the sun of equality

Will illuminate a playground

Where we’ll dance

As the sun kisses the green countryside

Where we’ll listen to flutes

Violins and deep guitars.


It will not be long

Before your rot will vanish

And love and compassion

Will warm the winter night.








Before eating breakfast

I look from the kitchen window

In awe of gold and purple lace clouds

Coloring the soft winter sky.

Having slept well

I am relaxed and sleepy –

Savoring the orange-red yawning moon.

The sunrise is a navy blue colored coil


And as Marianne leaves for work

The door seems to open into darkness

And I have a quick glance

Of her loved hands

As she puts out food

For the lonely feral cat.


They’ve predicted heavy snow

So I dream of baseball

And spring tossed bushes

Imagining children playing

In April breeze

Removing my soul from

A world of clocks and computers.


Looking out the living room windows

I watch a squirrel

Playing beneath tangled curling trees

And a bright robin –

Fluid with love.


In the office

A monotone radio voice on NPR

Says there will be 14 inches of snow.

My heart falls –


Nothing can be said, now.







Rick Davis

Rick Davis is a graduate of Northeastern Illinois University, and several graduate programs.  He is married, and has over 700 published poems.

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