February 19, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Lianne Kamp




To Be Human



We love in the face of loss

we toss our well laid plans

into the winds of chance and



And still

we stand like one-legged dancers

and attempt to balance on this

spinning axis – stumbling into

beauty and grace


We cradle and rock our babies

we set them on this journey

Knowing the price for life

Is certain death


And still

we weave and sing our lullabies

with enough light and harmony

to travel through darkness and deafen

the echoes of doubt






Lianne Kamp

I came to Boston many years ago to write poetry.  Although I never abandoned poetry altogether, life had different plans for me. I have rediscovered the importance of writing and over the last year have been published in a number of Prolific Press journals. Mainly, I write poetry to make my world more panoramic by watching it more closely.

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