Pure Evil: Some Definitions

February 19, 2018 Opinion , OPINION/NEWS , United States

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Debbie Hall



  1. that which is evil; evil quality, intention or conduct: The AR-15 is known for its high lethality at long range


  1. anything causing injury or harm: A single shot of the AR-15 inflicts massive trauma, regardless of where it hits the target.


  1. the wicked or immoral part of someone or something: The AR-15 is the natural choice for those who wish to inflict senseless violence with maximum casualties.


  1. a harmful aspect, effect, or consequence: Each time a gunman carries out a massacre with an assault style rifle such as the AR-15, sales go up. Gun industry executives have admitted mass shootings are good for business


  1. a disease: Almost two dozen kids are shot every day in the U.S.  The NRA champions the AR-15 as “America’s rifle.”





In response to Governor Rick Scott’s characterization of the mass school shooting in Parkland, Florida as “pure evil,” yet skirting the topic of guns.





Debbie Hall

Debbie Hall is a psychologist and writer whose poetry has appeared in the San Diego Poetry Annual, A Year in Ink, Serving House Journal, Sixfold, Tuck Magazine, Bird’s Thumb and other journals. She has work upcoming in AROHO and the Main Street Rag. Her essays have appeared on NPR (This I Believe series), in USD Magazine, and the San Diego Union Tribune. She recently received an honorable mention in the Steve Kowit Poetry Prize and completed her MFA at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. She is the author of What Light I Have (2017, Main Street Rag).

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