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February 22, 2018 ART/PHOTOGRAPHY



Cecilia Sandroni



After the critical and public success of its first production – Incredible FlorenceCrossmedia Group, a company that has been working on a European level for years in the field of cultural heritage enhancement, now presents the Klimt Experience, an unprecedented exhibition dedicated to the life and works of the famed Viennese artist Gustav Klimt, one of the greatest of the modern era.





Sponsored by MIBACT, the exhibition is being shown in its first worldwide display in the Florentine venue of Santo Stefano al Ponte, and is actually scheduled in two prestigious venues: MUDEC in Milan and Royal Palace in Caserta.





Klimt’s figures and landscapes are the absolute protagonists of this new immersive multimedia representation dedicated to the founding father of the Vienna Secession, who together with other artists cultivated the myth of the total work of art and of the democratization of beauty and creativity. Works such as The Kiss, The Tree of Life, and Judith have become part of popular culture. And yet Klimt is still an artist that needs to be discovered and expounded. This is the aim of the new exhibition: to thrill, enthral, and amaze an audience young and old, inviting them to delve into information about the man and the artist, to understand his works and give a stylistic reading of them though the spectacular display of the details of his pictorial technique. Klimt is surely on a par with Picasso, an artist that you must know to understand the transition from 19th century art and culture to that of the 20th century. As has been written: “Klimt’s paining, as all great art, can be considered a subspecie aeternitatis, beyond the circumstances of time.”





A universal artist, he depicted the culture of his time, the new tastes and the new lifestyles. In his magnificent portraits he was able to grasp the deep turmoil of the human psyche under the glossy surface, researching fundamental themes such as life and death, birth and pain, love, the relationship between man and woman, and that between generations. Thanks to the captivating soundtrack diffused by a state of the art 3D audio system, to the extraordinary evocativeness of the selected works and the contextual reconstruction curated by art historian Sergio Risaliti, not to mention the instructive contribution of the interactive introduction to the show – with multimedia touch screen tables and Samsung Gear VR immersive Oculus glasses – Klimt Experience offers visitors a seamless total immersion in an enigmatic, symbolic, and sensual world that is the triumph of art without boundaries.





The visual impact of the images reproduced by the Matrix X-Dimension system designed exclusively for this video installation is exceptional: 18 laser projectors transmit over 40 million pixels on the giant screens of the display ensuring a more than Full HD definition. To experience!





The Klimt Experience runs from February 3 to May 31, 2018 at the Sala delle donne, San Giovanni dell’ Addolorata. Roma.





Cecilia Sandroni

Cecilia Sandroni is a member of the Foreign Press in Rome, in addition to being an expert of international relations in communication. Her skills range from film to photography with a passion for human rights. Independent, creative, concrete, she has collaborated with major Italian and foreign institutions for the realization of cultural and civil projects.

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