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David Smith




Violent Crime



One night I caught a bullet

It knocked me off of my feet

I wasn’t doing anything

Just walking in the street


An innocent victim

Out of my control

Wrong place wrong time

Bad luck was my crime


It was hurting so badly

I couldn’t even speak

I couldn’t call out for help

I was feeling way too weak


I laid there for a while

No one knew I’d taken a fall

Blood was seeping out of me

I couldn’t even crawl


Shots in the night are common

It’s just the way it is

I’m lying here dying

No one around to notice


If only I could scream

If only I could move

If only I could do something

I can’t seem to do anything


I’m feeling paralyzed

I’m feeling awfully cold

Is this how it feels to die

I’ve got no one to hold


Wrong place wrong time

Can end in a violent crime

Wrong place wrong time

It’s the way it goes too many times





Lost And Lonely



Lost and lonely with no place to go

Lost and lonely nothing to show

Sadness and sorrow is all that I own

Maybe tomorrow it’s all unknown


Tomorrow could be better

I’m ready for a change

Not knowing the future

It’s all very strange


The roads I have taken

Have all brought me here

Pathways before me

All seemed so clear


I followed my dreams

I followed my passions

Both right and wrong

Led me in this direction


I’ve tried to be different

Not follow a lead

Not trying to hurry

Not trying to speed


I’m reminded everyday

By people who say

He’s a man who has nothing

He’s a man with no way to pay


The world has beaten me down

Pounded me into the ground

Over my head I can’t even see

It’s not fair what’s been done to me


Always in pain body and soul

In too deep I’ve lost control

Can’t find the truth so many lies

Over and over it’s my demise


Nothing to look forward to

Nothing at all

Old age is killing me

Nowhere to fall






David Smith

Writes poems, lyrics, short stories, songs; 29 videos on You Tube – Search: Dave49erman; plays guitar and has 2 songs in a music publishing company; attended some college courses (Music, various writing, CA History).

Published: 1991 – 2 poems – Expensive Tastes, In This World; 2014 – story – El Pencilero; 2014 – 2 poems – The Ol’ Cowboy, In This World; 2015 – poem – Sacrifice.

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  1. Pat January 05, at 12:22

    Amazing work David.


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