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Ugwu Leonard Elvis




Grasp your days



I hear chartering echoes and mumbling ghosts,

Sing to hunger a plea of no pleasure,

Hold basket of words thrown to prosperous dusk,

Hallow the furrow of unrevealed revelation.


I hear the winter, the Spring and the Autumn,

The dryness of the raining season dried the harmattan,

Monkeys left hurdles to banana curdles,

Men died a hallow death of impending rust.


Inevitable colourless doom, beautify the homely dust,

Dropping living stones of little nose,

I hear we all have a home beneath the soil,

Grasp your days lest you live in no minds…











Ugwu Leonard Elvis

Ugwu Leonard Elvis also known as “Leonard D Great” the author of “Echoes of the invisible” a poetry collection, was born and brought up in Nsukka, Enugu Nigeria. He hails from Nkalagu-obukpa in Igbo-EzeSouth local government area of Enugu state, Nigeria. He obtained his B.sc in Political Science at Caritas University Amorji Nike Emene, Enugu, Nigeria; and his currently studying for his Master’s degree programme (M.Sc.) in International Relations at the prestigious University of Nigeria Nsukka. He is a poet, playwright, short story writer, prose writer, and also a writer of prose-poeta. He is a lover of literary and creative works of art. He is currently he is the president of World Union of Poets (WUP) Enugu chapter Nigeria, and also the co-ordinator Creative Writers Association of Nigeria (CWAN) Enugu state chapter. His poem has been published in many literary magazines, journals, newspapers and websites. He has equally contributed and championed notable poetry anthologies pertaining world peace, Leonard views the world as that which was erected by poets.

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