February 27, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Merima Trako







step out!


god sees the light

awaken senses


do you feel?

today is the day


waves crash

crumbling nights

when you wished for paper

and pen

writing your destiny

one letter at a time


talking was easy

you sat at the lunch table

he looked at you

and you desired something

covered in weeds


did not understand

what swirling tornado

formed on your flat chest



god sees you

sees trees outside your window

sees your curly hair

your painful pimples

your sock-stuffed bra


you pray!

he grants you

the ticket out of awkwardness

train to the city

where lights are brighter than

night covered dreams

you dreamt

that morning

when a shot

granted you everything

you ever wanted


except for god






Merima Trako

A Bosnian immigrant and a former refugee, Merima has been writing poetry and prose for over twenty years. She arrived in America to study engineering and mathematics in the late nineties. Nowadays while working and raising a family, she’s been finding her voice through writing. Her poetry contains images of her varied experiences and reactions to current events. Her words offer acceptance that society sometimes withholds. 

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