Should children’s careers continue to be ruined?

February 28, 2018 Nigeria , Opinion , OPINION/NEWS

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Muhammad Auwal Ibrahim



How the falling standard of education in Nigeria keeps growing bigger by the day worries me whenever I see how Asian countries like South Korea and China had advanced in terms of technology. How? – through government investment in education. They had achieved their enrolment in schools.


I am writing this piece to express my concern for education because it is necessary.


We should know that we are in a period when developed nations no longer rely on natural resources like oil, their attention is on how to boost human resources (talent), an example of such country being China.


We at Nigeria know how our economy is fluctuating whenever the price of oil drops in the international market. So, if our government really wants to diversify our economy should turn to the education sector.


Then, we would become whatever we want in the world. I’m not saying that the government should neglect oil but also give cause for concern to the educational sector. What they did was a way of lifting the falling education standard. Education is children’s top priority.


Should children’s careers continue to be ruined by incompetent teachers?


Should every Thick, Tom and Harry teach in public schools? Education holds children;s future.


What he did is a way of raising the standard of education in Nigeria.


NUT, train your members to enhance the quality of education in Nigeria. Going on strike is not the solution.


NLC, go and see how children are learning in public schools. Education is the best legacy the government can give to the masses.


Let’s all join hands in building Nigeria.





Muhammad Auwal Ibrahim

Muhammad Auwal Ibrahim is a young poet, playwright and author. He was born in the year 2001. He is a final year student at Gombe High School. He is also a member of Poets In Nigeria, Gombe Connect Center. His works on poetry have been published in Tuck Magazine. 

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