March 6, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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David Njoku




Animated Composure



I am a river of wealth

I flow with ideas and delicious spell

I am thought provoking with pen

I stand for Truth brutally

I am ever busy with pen like waterfall

I see life through poetry

I am African – proudly Nigerian, an IGBO

I am a delight in complexities

I am not sympathetic but empathetic

I am young at heart, fresh with creativities

I love nature and her exploits

I compose animatedly,

hmm! See to it…

I am inquisitive and extremely remarkable

I am humor not demon, poised with gifts

I am Animated Composure.





The Wash Pot



The Potter made me beautiful

I am arrayed in many designs

I am not all expensive

Yet many don’t have me..

Am always on fire burning

They don’t care about my pain

They only soothe me with oil and others ..

And my beauty is lost in the fire


I preserve their meals all time

Sometimes, am turned round and round

In the bid to get satisfaction

Am so palatial to give satisfaction

Am active, ever humble in delivery

At the end, am washed

To return to my original beauty





My Dark Meaning



I’m so dark as in charcoal

but it doesn’t show my fate

I’m dark in the light

But it brings out my fight


I’m so dark with treasure

yet no one finds my pleasure

I’m dark in manner

yet am the only banner


I’m so dark in confusion

that my life is in complication

I wonder why..? I’m chosen dark

maybe I’m that freaking mark…


I’m still a dark treasure

that seeks to be unearth…

Oh! Dark is my challenge

I fight to hold back


My dark meaning is unassuming

Ne’er to compare but to be me…





Fight Song



I lay helpless on the sick bed

In my dream, I see darkness

waking up was pain and hopelessness

I saw my heart fighting death song


In my dream, I saw another grope of darkness

waking up was grief-strickenness

I saw my body fighting death song

While I lay lifeless in coma


In my dream, I saw an Angel of songs

Gave me a song of hope for morrow

waking up was songs of joy and peace

My heart and my body resurrects…


Fight song is hope for morrow

Fight song is Faith in God

Fight song is seeing morrow now

Fight song is me not giving up






David Njoku

My name is David Anthony Chukwudi Njoku. I studied Banking and Finance at The Polytechnic, Birnin Kebbi, 2003. I am a clergy, a Faith Preacher, music lover, a nature freak, a poet, and of course a writer.

I had a five year stint with a media firm (Vanguard Newspapers), a songwriter and sports lover. I hail from Umu-Oriete, Umosike-Lorji, Aboh Mbaise, Nigeria. My honest goal in life is to maximum impact in the lives of people in all ramification.

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