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Chidiebere Osita Igbo




Theme of Golgothaism




For a lacquered notes trumpeter

Your feet must walk in rhythm with the boundless.

Hold as the earth is

From a vessel of rust to a cell of gold.


Moundsward in shut passages

Of the subtle birth of the

Yellow rings.



On crown a furrow

The cosmic dare counterpane

Light of the beginning awash

In a dark veil.


Gather now their crest

In a bowl of seeds

Run naked to the unblemished past



Call is all, ageless

Draw night’s bolt to the throne of grace

Crevice with skin dew;

Inlaid, all is droughty towel

Dearth of Sea before the inbirth


Crinkled leaves wait

As the road for the raining sun!


Walls of stars

Here no one speaks of the

Speakable in their night of

Secret chambers.



Ripeness to the stir of a token match

Death of the swollen ocean

Swaying in to preach,

Embrace shards in the holy crypt.


Whistle of green chaos

Winds on filled night

Armour  emancipated

From mindscapes of fleshed dare

Roots the journey beyond

A thousand buried mirage




Across selvedges of veils

Multitudes sing  calculating

Cords from mouthpieces of the

Undying past.


Lean a light beyond the rings


They all have their pledges



Prelude to reconcile spume-brush

Sunscapes mine in high crest tassel

Satanic cliff for the jasper

Now the past is a stalk in their grooves.


Melodic moon trains

Sieve thread-fingers

A pull to the cosmic cords

Moon grey before the coming besiege



Them now in a mineral ether-bowl

Flare-eyes in your groove need

Light for a clear vision.


Cascade on fern-wings

My closed brown laid antra of grimace

Sail over

Lay me to a no subsidence.



The upper carven of the heart

Then ears-coming, the past

Dissolve in their enamelled lips,

String-divining finger to beat

Echo rust from a fresh born-age


A moonlight pollen


In possessing and in clutching

Yokes of days discarding

Anguish of prostration

The muted vault of the chasm blue



Stand on the horizon seam


Teach to bear the desires of the earth.

Pane of the world

When a line is filled

Lean closer for a new cosmic dare counterpane


Line of dust

Of the faceless cycle


To a watchtower

Fragments of intuition

Respites, ears

Echoing and echoing the rolling stone of web.



That hew to the walls of men

Preach to bless is to sore

To possess


A scarlet prospect of the spider-load heads head

Altar-knoll of one boat

Shall yield tides for the race

Offspring sitar string

Ride on twilight mane-sea swell



Indigo arrows

Vanish in incense-vessel

Of the resurrected past.

Eyes as the sky

The holy birth of a new tassel

Never stood one-legged in the second phase


Broken pines float

In tear voices Night tides.

Embraces none

Death of sun, yoke of petals.


When it is boiled

A rainbow flash it was,

But not for ascent.



Links of earthbow shards

Milk broom-stick wraiths whistle


Mite-drives linger over spawn flesh hive.


A blue-wind’s opal-sedge


Void dark bowel of the beginning

A no preclude to the stir

Of vermin.



On thirsty lips

To old crinkles of bare forest

Withered nerve line

Across many byways

Knoll and cracked woodwinds.


Multitudes’ cone stalks


My hands, a bristle for their epoch

Out in their grains

Minds awaken and spring for ether shades



And unchartered begins yet the flight on lamb waving;


Clog their manes, sough of the footprints bygone.

Wings of Night orb

Riddle repletion to the peridot minds;

Ill-caves of their laws,

A regime unbidden,

Fire-bolt came and split them.


Dew milk suns rose

Their lances were as emerald

For earth’s own regenerate counterpane

Line through mangled passages and

Broken jasper earth

They sieve pollens of breath out of cactus.






Aso Rock


“Leadership is for strong, intellectual and Matured minds, not for strong, intellectual and matured men.”



Fossilized grey over abyss cactus, effervescence tide-swept shards of rainbow,

whirled malignant harmattan for the dew earth-towels ——– you Sir!——-

Phucomophones metamorphic as the sun crowns you for light of emerald,

To leaven visions of sapphire.


Tassel of pines plunge to incoming fibre,

Lingered possessions of your fissures and outcrops,

To ride in rhythmic saddle of cosmic steed

Must I to you roll out as the crusted carpet before you!


Silhouette in fold of your bare coarse skin. Mirage is all,

Secret passageways for self-nook, sift sand-dune forth of pollens of the azure ring,

Rock-fingers crack sunlight cone to void of a brown vessel;

past fingers as vultures praying for days decaying.


I know the scarlet on your sole

Relics the peregrination beyond earth’s core

To bear the antre of the boundless,

Overflow bank your own with ashes of earth!


Not the yellow beams that spring the vermin, but the soot

Of broken lamp. A millet of the millets in the barn of loot can

Replete multitude’s need. Skeined radiance of lapis lazuli for regeneration,

Yet crouching naked for yellow moon, faceless faces faces.


What shall I say?

The fall of earth

The endless meetings of Nightsteads

Embrace you and I!


Opal-flare stir germ at the market-place. Bolts to seam with whiteness

The crevice of skin and peridot are echoed in chasm. Feet that stamp in fir garden

Are clogged by the weeds of your outcrops ——- wind of light,

For drought of cell, for dearth of the moon ——-


Let none long for justice here:

Justice is the blight that blights

The harvest of their malversation,

Vast mites on fleshed dare ribbon!


Pluralism linger whirlsmoke, pluck fray forth from the seam, obsidian,

Crag we cannot clutch, scarlet fever of sick days, hearth-abyss,

Ramble in riddling vault of their woodwinds; THREE-LEAVES STALK

Arise subservience of feeble nerve of one


New earth tassel

Mane-bridge beyond peat raven

Wisp of dew fibre, ether cliff,

Mine jasper cavern!


Dew in subsidence after moonquake, mantle sward ran to bare of palm,

sun of the stubbed and mangled hills and valleys, but those days are resilient.

The root was dipped in earth wetness for rust

Rust is womb for twilight grains.


Rock of the amber age

Core crystal welkin rectrices

Move Naked with the tendril’s green agelessness

And this I saw – ripened for earth’s desired repletion!


Lips on broken side of rainbow rings raise not a chant for Saint of race indigo.

Thwacks of parings are not absorbed or echoed by rock-walls.

Heavy black rain on wings hovers fern-seed remains of a past unblemished bowl.

Rays of chaos awash skysedge


Oh I shall be free from your tyranny,

Free from your cosmic eyebrush that choke the earth

With her humble squirrels to silence, famishments!

Oh I shall be free from subjugation and anguish of your unbaptized night!


Blue feathered boat of the white cats! Then you must ladle with white ghost baptism.

Let earth transparencies be your lamp. Shun crooked image of the mind.

Sough of veil winds Circling ether, Cling now, o cling, cling

for their enamelled crest gathering.


Incense–paddle is sunbow cycle

For this foretaste of contortion for our offsprings

To bear dissolves. Sitar string. A seam for the broken earth,

Tongues in wetness flute hold the rites of the gods!


Cosmic tread of the kleptomaniac is spun on strand of ribs, lances on lines of withered black waters, dark spume prelude sunscape for ascent, rain-seam in shroud to bereave the relief for the despair in our minds, headlong rides in needle–tip and yoke by gloomy hansom of your egocentric laws; for this I saw you crumbling.






Chidiebere Osita Igbo

Chidiebere Osita Igbo is professionally an astronomer, physicist, mathematician and a profound philosopher, but his intellectual activity and keen interest in literature makes him an eminent poet, playwright and novelist. A Nigerian-born polymath who also, as a scriptwriter, founded a film company producing and acting his plays and others.

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