March 15, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Purabi Bhattacharya





Ordinary dreams



in a spring-lit room,

our hands at clay dough

craft prototype, with textured caution

terra cotta

with our folded sleeves

we get dirty.


Clay upon clay upon clay

earth love.


The smell

the touch

the folds

the feel

and you

wrap your arm around

very ordinary dreams



there are sentries everywhere

come clear with your faith


No, do not paint it colour saffron

I am sneezing already.






Curtain fell




curtain fell on a life

for four sequent days and five spare nights

customary condolements poured over


team of ants in a matter of less than an hour

cleared up their new assignment.






Purabi Bhattacharya

Purabi Bhattacharya is a writer from Shillong, India. Currently based in Gujarat, she has debuted with a collection of poems ‘Call me‘ published by Writers Workshop, India. She is on the panel of Muse India Book Review. Her poems have appeared mostly in print journals, anthologies published in India apart from contributing to some internet poetry portals including Tuck Magazine and Ink, Sweat and Tears.

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