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Michel Krug




Stephen Hawking – In Memoriam





The body can wilt

While the mind thrives




Movement consigned

To a universal quilt.


Six words a minute

The pace of his ideas

Carefully extracting theories

Likes poems,

Spontaneous residuals of concentrated

Equations, where art, science,

Literature combine: an idea accelerator.


Energy and irony


The night before Albert Einstein’s

Birthday, did Hawking know

His own black hole was opening

For a journey unknown?


Was he still making love

With his expansive mind

Unconfined by physical demise

Until the breathing stopped

Gravity pulling him away.


Stephen Hawking passes:

But one can only imagine

The conversations he’s

Having with Albert and Galileo.






Michel Krug

Michel Krug graduated from the Writing Seminars at the Johns Hopkins University. He writes poetry and literary fiction, is a former print journalist and now practices law by day in St. Paul, MN. His poems have appeared in The Raven’s Perch, 2 ElizabethsPoetry24The Lilith Review,Roachprint Anthology – Thirty WestMain Street Rag, Brooklyn ReviewRiverrunBorealisPoetry Motel and The Blind Man’s Rainbow.

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