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Kao Ra Zen







 Conservative sheep!

 Liberal sheep!

 I count all the sheep

 For I want to sleep


 No one is “woke”

 Thus, I’m going to sleep

 Let me count the ways

 That we all are sheep


 One sheep!

 Two sheep!

 Three sheep!

 Four sheep!

 I’m sheep!

 You’re sheep!

 We’re sheep!

 More sheep!


 Many are shallow

 But this shit goes deep

 You follow the herd

 Up with pace you keep


 In time and step

 Behind Little Bo Peep

 Over those green pastures

 And fences to leap


 Straight to the slaughter

 To add to the heap

 I’m counting them all

 For all, count as sheep






Morning/Mourning In America


(written just before sunrise, November 9, 2016)



It’s morning in America

And the awakened have yet to sleep

We’re mourning in America

For what we’ve sown, we must now reap


It’s morning in America

The sun’s ’bout to shine ‘pon a brand new day

And we’re mourning in America

Please take their guns away






Kao Ra Zen

Kao Ra Zen hails from Chicago, Illinois and is involved in various creative projects involving music, poetry, visual art, and dance.  In his travels, he has performed and exhibited artwork in Germany and helped to install solar panels in El Salvador.  A recent recipient of a Presidential Merit scholarship, Kao will be pursuing his BFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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